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NEWS Trade Minister: 7.3% growth is really a great success for Turkey

7 Jun 2022

Trade Minister Mehmet MUS evaluated the growth figures for the first quarter of the year announced by TURKSTAT. He said, "The difficulties experienced after the pandemic were followed by the tension that arose in the north of Turkey, that is the problem between Russia and Ukraine and the economic sanctions that countries took against one another at this point. Therefore, these also affect the growth rates in the world economy. Under these conditions, the growth of 7.3% is actually one of the most important indicators of where the Turkish economy targets to go, ahead. It's very encouraging news from that point of view. It's a really big achievement among all these developments.”


Stating Turkey exported $ 225 billion in 2021, Minister MUS noted that the 2022 targets were higher. Adding that they were trying to achieve the goal of 250 billion dollars at the end of the year, the Minister said, "Considering the figures we have reached so far, we are actually not far from this goal, and we think that we will achieve said goal. We would surpass 250 billion too, especially if the developments in the north of Turkey that we are following had not happened, if factors had been more stable. We are following the developments again, but our first goal is to achieve this $ 250 billion. Therefore, after that we will make an effort to surpass it. The reason is we don't know the developments, we don't know what kind of picture we will face in 2-3 months. We want to go cautiously, but if there is no very unusual development, we will have the determination to go above this goal.

Export means production, capacity increase, foreign exchange input for the country and the fact that Turkey's products can find a place in foreign markets. From this point of view, Turkey has gained an achievement that is double and even many times higher than the achievements that we have achieved in the past periods."

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