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NEWS Turkey already enjoys early holiday booking after restrictions like PCR testing lifted

24 Feb 2022

It has been reported that Turkey’s tourism sector is signaling a new record this year due to the expected increase in the number of foreign tourists and the intensity of early bookings with the lifting of restrictions such as PCR testing.

The Tourism Sector which has been going through difficult times due to the pandemic for the last 2 years is hopeful about 2022 summer. The intensity of early bookings since November has made travel agencies smile, while a large increase in the number of foreign tourists is expected. Antalya, which welcomed about 9 million tourists last year, is expected to exceed 16 million with the lifting of many restrictions such as the requirement of PCR testing.

Travel agencies state that the intensity will increase even more when those who have postponed their vacation plans for 2 years due to the corona virus, are included. Same agencies also draw attention to the point that those who want to take a vacation should act quickly.

On the other hand, said agencies say that those who book early can enjoy discounts up to 60 percent, adding this rate may decrease as summer approaches.

There is no doubt Turkey has taken giant steps in tourism in last couple of decades and is now accepted as one of the most favorable tourism destinations in the world with all the culture, friendship and sea and sun tourism it is able to offer.

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