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NEWS Turkey and Greece determined to cooperate in tourism sector

16 Sep 2017

There is no doubt that Turkey and Greece despite some temporary hostilities in the past share a lot in common being neighbors both in Thrace region of the Balkans as well as on the Aegean.

On top of that there were many people of Greek origin living in Turkey and like with many Turks who migrated from Greece to Turkey, they preferred to live in Greece and moved over in time. Even today there are many Turkish citizens of Greek origin living in Turkey and vice versa.

As mentioned above the two nations despite some major differences like with religion, have much in common, similarities in culinary culture to be in the first place.

On the other hand it is not secret that both countries are tough competitors for each other in the field of tourism. But the worse thing we believe is Turkey and Greece have not benefitted from each other in the past enough to bring more added value to their tourism sector. To be more precise we believe both countries could have established a well-structured cooperation basis to serve both on the way to achieving their targets to become top tourism destinations in the world. Briefly expressed they could have joined their strengths to be leading tourism countries in the world.

Thankfully, today we can see the two neighbors have decided to cooperate more closely in this regard and officials from TURSAB (Official Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) have met with Greek officials in charge of the tourism sector at the Consulate General in Thessaloniki to discuss potential areas of cooperation for increasing tourism relations and reciprocal tourist trafficking between Turkey and Greece

The meeting called “Tourism Relations” and hosted by Orhan Yalman was attended by Consul General of Thessaloniki, Deputy Mayor of Thessaloniki Spiros Pengas, General Director of TÜROB İsmail Taşdemir, Deputy Governor in charge of Culture and Tourism of Greece Thanos Alexandros, Tourism Plus General Manager Nikos Sapountzis, Thessaloniki Congress and Visitors Bureau Director Yiannis Aslanis.

At the meeting; Potential areas of cooperation for increasing tourism relations and reciprocal tourist trafficking between Turkey and Greece were on the agenda. TÜRSAB Corporate Relations Director Ela Atakan also participated in the event in which tourism legal procedures between the two countries and projects to contribute to concerned travel agencies and tourism cooperation activities between both countries were discussed.


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