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NEWS Turkey announces program to move Istanbul Atatürk Airport to New Istanbul Airport

17 Jan 2019

The operational program of gradual transition from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport has been announced. The process of moving to Istanbul Airport will start at 03:00 on 1st March 2019 and will finish on March 3rd , 2019. Ataturk Airport will be closed to scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international commercial passenger transportation at 00:00 on March 3rd , 2019.

The transportation process from Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport will take 45 hours and will proceed as follows; the moving process will begin at 03:00 (UTC Coordinated Universal Time) on March 1st, 2019 and will end at 00:00 on March 3rd , 2019. During the 45-hour period Istanbul Atatürk Airport LTBA and Istanbul Airport (LTFM) will be open only to carriers with base at Ataturk Airport. During the 45-hour period, both airports will be operated with an hourly reduced capacity. The two airports will run with a total hourly capacity of 70 hours, 35 landings and 35 flights per hour.

As of March 3rd, 2019 (00:00) Atatürk Airport will be closed for scheduled and non-scheduled domestic and international commercial passenger transportation. From this date on, Istanbul Ataturk Airport will be used for cargo, maintenance/repair, general aviation, air taxi services, business flights, flights of state planes and the traffic that the authority deems appropriate.

Between  March 3rd  2019 (00:00) and March 17th  2019 (00:00), Istanbul Airport reduced hourly capacity value will be 35 landings, 35 take-offs, 70 in total.

From March 1st , 2019 (03:00) onwards Ataturk Airport (AHL) will be open to flights of Onur Airlines, THY, and Atlas Global with base at AHL for a period of 16 hours during the move. After this period, only THY voyages will be carried out for 7 hours. Then it will be closed to all voyages for 22 hours.

Istanbul Airport will be closed to all voyages from 1st  March (03:00) for 35 hours. After this time, the airport will be open to THY passenger flights for 5 hours. In the next 45 hours, it will only be open to all voyages of the carriers with base at AHL (THY, Onur Airlines, Atlas Global

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