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NEWS Turkey back on the tourist destination map again for Brits

29 Jul 2017

Turkish tourism has suffered much for quite a while due to issues such as the failed military coup attempt in 2016 which caused many booking cancellations at the time and tensions the Turkish Government has experienced with countries like Russia, The Netherlands and Germany. The sector has incurred substantial income losses from incoming tourists leading to serious problems like closing down of many businesses, operating in this field.

Thankfully however it seems that Turkey has got back his place on the tourist map again at least for certain countries such as Britain. It is reported by prominent tour operators in UK that a rise in demand for holidays in Turkey has been observed for a while and this is despite the growing tension between Turkish and German governments, most recently. To express in more detail, in spite of the warning issued by German government for its citizens that they should be careful when travelling to Turkey, this does not seem to prove any harm to the attraction of this country for British tourists.

Generally speaking, tour operators had a bad time in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of business volumes, due to security issues scaring potential visitors and they had focus more on holidays in the western part of the Mediterranean region – which is one of the main potentials in tourism sector.

Today however the climate seems to be more suitable to return the traffic to these markets again especially since other destinations such as Spain have also been facing problems such as the increase in capacity and consequent price increases due to exaggerated competition.

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