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NEWS Turkey enjoys big revenues from hair transplantation services favored by foreigners

27 Jan 2020

It is reported that Turkey, which is among the world's leading countries in health tourism, receives US$ 1.5 billion in revenue from this sector.

It is also noted that about $ 1 billion comes from hair transplantation. It is observed that more than 50 percent of the 500 thousand people who come for hair transplantation are Europeans and Turkey enjoys serious demand for aesthetics.

In recent years, tourism in Turkey has enjoyed a rapid growth. Not only sea, sand tourism but also sun tourism, health and sports tourism sectors continue to develop. Among these, health tourism is certainly the outstanding one. In 2019, revenue from health tourism approached US$ 1.5 billion and it is forecasted that same sector will enjoy US$ 10 billion in revenue in 2023. According to unofficial figures, the income from health tourism is much higher than the figures pronounced.

Welcoming health tourists from many countries of the world, Turkey is able to provide services above world standards in many areas from general health to dental treatment to aesthetic operations in hair transplantation.

Turkey's hair transplantation services are at an advanced level compared to many countries and about 500 thousand people come to Turkey for this operation. However, unofficial/unregulated persons or companies working “under the counter” seem to be a big problem for the sector. In fact 95 percent of the hair transplantation centers provide unlicensed services.

This situation certainly has an impact on perception of quality for the sector and reduces the satisfaction rate of the tourists on top of the fact it may even lead to very crucial results such as risk of death.

On the other hand Turkey's price advantage has also begun to disappear due to falling prices in other countries. Still Turkey is one of the most suitable countries to provide this service provided a licensed and reputable center is preferred.

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