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NEWS Turkey enjoys steady growth in number of visitors from UAE

17 Jul 2019

Based on official figures released, a steady increase in the number of visitors coming to Turkey from the UAE is observed. The Turkish Cultural and Tourism Office in Dubai has announced statistical data showing Turkey’s popularity as a tourist destination for UAE nationals continues to rise and the country has hosted a total of 13,296 Emiratis within the first four months of the year whereas the number of visitors in 2009 was only 30,480 for the whole year.

The country has managed to attract 4466 visitors from UAE in April this year only, corresponding to an increase of 34.27 percent as compared to April last year.

Following this increase in the number incoming tourists from UAE related companies have decided to launch some non-stop flights from Sharjah International Airport to Turkish cities. To be more precise Air Arabia started flying into Antalya and Trabzon, and Turkish Airlines started flying between the emirate and Istanbul.

It is important to note that a total of 110 flights now depart from the UAE’s airports for several destinations across Turkey each and every week.

It is no secret that Turkey has been rising in the direction to become one of the most popular tourist destinations for Emiratis as well as other Gulf nationals and it goes without saying that visitors from such countries have always played a significant role in contributing economic growth within Turkey by bringing in revenues.

On the other hand, when we look at some other statistical data we see that the average length of stay for UAE citizens is calculated as 2.8 days. The number of overnight stays is 64,734. Istanbul is the most preferred province with 82 percent followed by Mersin with 5.5 percent. The share enjoyed by Antalya, Yalova and Bursa is around 3 percent.

Based on formal data concerned it is observed that UAE citizens prefer to stay in 4 and 5 star hotels. Rather than authentic centers like the Grand Bazaar, they prefer to spend time in large shopping centers.

While 85 percent of referred visitors come to Turkey for the purpose of sightseeing and entertainment, 15 percent are observed to come with the target of shopping. Due to hot climate, the Turkey's southern coast does not seem to be their first preference and the major demand is for destinations such as Istanbul and even Bursa.

Another issue is most destination spots in the Black Sea region are in need to improve their hosting and other capabilities to attract more people from the UAE. Within this context flights certainly seem to be of essential importance as well, to contribute to a better tourism performance in the region.

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