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NEWS Turkey expects to break new record in tourism revenues in 2019

19 Mar 2019

Turkey has certainly been among the top holiday destinations for Europeans as well as other tourists from other parts of the world. The country has been increasing its tourism revenues lately after having worked out the crisis with Russia a couple of years ago.

The administration is spending much effort to upgrade opportunities offered to visitors so as to attract more people from abroad. Mehmet Nuri ERSOY, Culture and Tourism Minister of Turkey, made a statement confirming these points and his expectations in near future.

The Minister said, “"Everyone is doing their best to contribute to generating higher revenues. I believe we will reach a seriously high figure in terms of both number of people and revenues this year and Turkey will break a new record in this regard”.

The Minister made this statement in a meeting he held with the representatives from the tourism sector at a hotel in Alanya (Antalya).

ERSOY pointed out that they had revised their understanding of tourism concept and goals for 2023. He added he was ready to listen to the projects of the sector from this perspective. The Minister noted that they targeted to extend and spread the tourism season in Alanya to 12 months. He went on to say, “As for tourist’s profile, we aim to upgrade it with a project based on qualified tourists”.

The Minister also said, “We are discussing what tasks we should be responsible for making Alanya a city offering more culture and art. We will implement whatever is needed in a swift manner, starting this year.

He said early booking figures for 2019 were pretty good and added, “"We expected them to be good anyway. I hope it will continue this way. Our second goal is not only to increase the number of people, but also to increase the per capita income per night. Now, investors, hoteliers and tourism people are also aware of it. I believe we will break new records this year in terms of both the number of visitors and revenues. Hopefully we will achieve this success”.


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