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NEWS Turkey expects to receive highest number of tourists from China by 2030

6 Dec 2019

Vice President of Tourism Investors Association of Turkey (TTYD) has said they would receive the highest number of tourists from China by 2030. The Vice President said “we would like to see more Chinese tourists that open to the world with huge increasing numbers, in our country”.

He went on to share the following:

“Chinese tourists have different perspectives and sensitivities which should be well studied for us to provide our required services in the best possible manner. I believe Turkey will receive the highest number of tourists from China by 2030.

We would also like Chinese capital to come to Turkey for tourism purposes. To this end, Turkey Tourism Investors Association is organizing a tourism investment forum on January 28-29. In this forum there will be Chinese investors, hotel operators and speakers. As a result,  we do care about Chinese tourism. Chinese capital has a very important place in Turkish tourism. It is our duty to host and serve Chinese tourists in the best way possible.

Turkey's is the world's richest museum and provided the necessary publicity is carried out it would appeal to people from all walks society, not to forget Turkey is also very rich in gastronomy and this certainly contributes to its success as well.

When all these factors are brought to the attention of Chinese tourists their interest in our country will no doubt be enhanced. In this regard, it would be a good idea to focus on tourism destinations such as Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Ephesus to start off with.

On the other hand it will a great opportunity for Chinese tourists to explore Istanbul, as well as they show great interest in all world capitals. While doing this we also need to improve our service infrastructure such as providing better traveling facilities. In fact we already know Turkish Airlines is very interested in China and wants to make more flights to this country.

Based on a good and feasible plan and appropriate implementation of the plan there is no reason we should not achieve our goals by 2030”.

Tolga Ertukel, founder of international Turkey Homes real estate company also reported on the subject. '' As a leading real estate company for Turkey, over the last 12 months, we have seen an increasing number of Chinese investors buying property in Turkey. This pattern can be clearly seen in Istanbul, with the main focus on Turkish Citizenship by investment program attracting huge interest from these Chinese investors''  

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