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NEWS Turkey expects to receive more foreign visitors after UK and Germany’s travel warnings for Spain

23 Aug 2020

Because of the corona virus outbreak, those who want to spend a safe holiday continue to prefer Turkey. In March July, hotels were locked in the door of Antalya, as of July 1, the start of flights with some countries began to move foreign tourists.

It is a fact that Turkey's successful fight against the global epidemic Kovid-19 has also had a huge impact on the international arena. After the first case was seen in this country, the measures immediately put into operation by the government, the supply of the necessary medicine and medical supplies during the treatment process, the special attention given to the elderly the sufficient hospital capacity and the provision of medical aid to 80 countries drew global attention to Turkey.

This process, which contributed greatly to the promotion of thecountry, also affected the tourism sector positively. Tourism officials say that if the impact of the outbreak eases, Turkey will experience a boom in demand in 2021, as well.

In the meantime, it is observed that Turkey’s popularity as a holiday destination has increased among European tourists in recent weeks mainly due to travel warnings issued by Germany and Britain for Spain, which has caused more European tourists to opt for safer vacation options to include Turkey in the first place.

Experts say a large number of European tourists are left with very limited options for traveling abroad, and they show tendency to prefer Turkey's Mediterranean coastline which is observed to emerge as the safest and nearest destination.

Turkey is certainly pleased to receive foreign visitors starting last month with the resumption of flights from Ukraine and the U.K. and host them in resort cities such as Antalya and Bodrum in particular as well many others. On top of this the region also enjoyed great demand from Russian tourists and the arrivals saw a boost following Moscow’s decision to allow Russian tourists to travel to Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum, directly.

As a most recent development, Germany followed in Britain’s footsteps on Friday and declared nearly all of Spain a coronavirus risk region following a spike in cases there. Consequently, the likelihood that German and British tourists, who had to cancel their travel plans to their favorite destination Spain, could favor Turkey's Mediterranean coast instead certainly seems to be quite motivating the for Turkish tourism sector.

It is reported that 325,000 tourists arrived in Antalya within the first two weeks of August, including 106,000 Russians, 74,000 Ukrainians and 48,000 Germans. "Around 20,000 Russians arrive currently.

Experts highlight that the tourism sector in Turkey has taken more specific measures against the virus compared to its competitors. They say nearly all tourism facilities are required to obtain internationally recognized certificates to offer high-standard service to visitors.

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