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NEWS Turkey, fastest growing destination in global tourism with 214 percent increase in reservations in 2018

24 Sep 2018

In the latest issue of the weekly magazine Travelweek published in Canada, Turkey was presented as "an emerging destination" in 2018-2019, owing to the riches offered by its nature and seas. The magazine shared that Turkey enjoyed 214 percent increase in bookings in 2018 as compared to previous year.

The magazine used the headline "Turkish tourism is rising" adding that the recent developments in the Turkey’s economy had increased the interest of tour operators and tourists in this country.

It was also mentioned in the same article that foreign tourists were coming back to this destination in increasing numbers and that despite a possibility of recession in economy it was observed that the number of tourists who wanted to benefit from cheaper prices in times of heightened economic problems, was increasing.

The article shared that the number of tourists who visited Turkey as of July 2018 had increased by 11.74 percent, reaching 21 million 639 thousand 802 as compared to the same period last year. The article also said this figure included 59 thousand 893 Canadians traveling to Turkey and corresponded to an increase of 33.78 percent compared to the same period of 2017.

Experts comment that factors such as the return of Russian tourists (after conflict with Russia was settled), promotional activities as well as new investments in infrastructure contributed to the superior performance achieved by Turkey’s tourism sector. Professionals in the sector emphasize that Turkey is a country offering unparalleled tourism products spanning a wide range of culture, history, cities and sun and sea, diversifying the tourism opportunities it provides on a consistent basis.

On the other hand, based on information provided by reputable global sources Turkey is a safe country and no experience of any major terrorist attacks against civilians has been incurred for the last two years.

Last but not least, the sharp fall in value of Turkish lira recently has obviously made prices in all tourism centers much more affordable for foreign visitors, which seems to be another good reason to pay a visit to this unique country right now.

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