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NEWS Turkey gives 7000 foreigners citizenship through real estate acquisition

17 Jan 2020

Certificate of eligibility for approximately 7 thousand foreigners who wish to obtain citizenship through real estate acquisition.

Based on most recent statistics, certificate of eligibility for Turkish citizenship was issued for 6,694 foreign nationals from 101 countries who acquired real estate in this country from 2017 to date. As for the number of citizenships given last year only, 6085 foreigners were shared in the same report.

According to information obtained from TKGM (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre), after the law that required foreigners to invest US$ 1 million minimum in real estate in Turkey to be granted citizenship was amended and said amount was reduced to US$ 250 thousand in 2018, the foreign investors turned their eyes to Turkey.

In this context, TKGM has issued a certificate of eligibility for Turkish citizenship to a total of 6,694 foreign nationals from 101 countries who have acquired real estate in the figures determined since 2017, including 6085 certificates granted last year.

Iranian citizens took the first place among the foreigners who fulfilled the requirement of real estate acquisition for the citizenship with 1475 people followed by Iraqi citizens with 842 people and Afghans with 812 people.

Citizens of Yemen were fourth in the list with 658 people followed by Palestine with 390, Jordan with 365, Libya with 291, China with 268, Egypt with 229 and Pakistan with 139. Last year, 1,321 people from Iran, 756 from Iraq and 754 from Afghanistan were granted eligibility certificates.

The final decision is made by the Ministry of Interior's General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs for the investors who have received the certificate of conformity from TKGM in return for their investment and apply for Turkish citizenship.

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