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NEWS Turkey increases food exports to China by threefold to US$ 205 million

13 Nov 2019

It has been reported that food exports from Turkey to China has shown an outstanding performance in the first 10 months of current year, climbing up to US$ 205 million which corresponds to 86 percent increase as compared to same period last year.

Turkish entrepreneurs have been following China’s economy closely for quite a while and spending remarkable effort to include frequent business and marketing visits to increase export to the most populous country of the world.

Exporters who have seen The Far East as the most important potential market of the future for many years have eventually started to harvest the fruits of their efforts.

To provide an example, Turkey realized food exports worth US$ 110 million to China in first 10 months last year based on figures shared by Aegean Exporters Association. In the same period this year, food exports to China went up to US$ 205 million which is a leap of 86 percent.

Based on same data, hazelnut and hazelnut products took the first place in food exports to China. Exports of hazelnuts and hazelnuts which were 34 million dollars in the last 10 months of last year, increased by 107 percent in the same period of this year and became 71 million dollars.

Promotions exporters carried out in the dried fruit sector also yielded quick results in referred market enabling exports of US$ 8 million worth dried fruit while this figure went up to approx. US$ 18.5 million in same period this year corresponding to an increase of 131 percent.

Likewise, a substantial increase of 70 percent in exports of fruit and vegetable products was also witnessed totaling up to an export figure of US$ 25 million all together.

To parallel this remarkable performance in above mentioned products, other food items such as fresh fruit and vegetables as well as seafood and animal products also enjoyed very successful results reaching two or threefold figures compared to last year.

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