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NEWS Turkey introduces digital era in title deed system with new QR coded deeds

19 Dec 2018

Turkey is ready to start using QR coded title deeds which will facilitate procedure to make life easy for people and professionals who have to go through concerned formalities. Mr. Murat Kurum, the Minister for Environment and Urban Planning, has made an announcement introducing the new title deed and shared details as to how the new system would function.

In a speech under the title "Land Registry Renewal and e-Government Applications” as part of a program organized by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, the Minister stated that the two most important components of the 21st century were information and technology and said, “We will start the pilot implementation of the new system in two cities right after completion of the draft work regarding implementation of real value in title deeds. He added implementation of real value in real estate sales would start as of beginning 2019.

The minister went on to say “Our deed bills were quite obsolete. We noticed that there was unnecessary information on them and we are now switching to the new deed certificates with QR code.

Using your mobile phone and the QR code you will be able enter the TAKBIS system of our directorate and see all related information regarding the property by clicking on it, on the page.

The title deeds will have an identification number just like our identity certificates. With this identification number we will now be able to reach almost all information including the history of our land. We will be able to reach info such as “where does this deed come from, how was it formed, how it was made, who were the owners '' etc.

The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Authority is a data base and memory of Turkey and brings services to approximately 30 million citizens each year with 1000 departments. The directorate accomplishes a number of 8 million deed transactions each year corresponding to one transaction per second. The authority is now trying to improve service quality and speed by introducing such innovations.

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