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NEWS Turkey is back in tourism in 2017

7 Jun 2017

When we look at the world today we can see that communication is the most important phenomenon ruling the world. The technology has developed so magically that we can find ourselves at a dreamlike place thousands of km away from where we live, thanks to the internet and video sharing portals on the web. Still however, seeing those magnificent places in person and connecting to locals living there is certainly a different privilege. Thanks to the new technologies in communication and development in transportation travelling has been much easier and enjoyable in the past decades. And before we forget, travelling has been much more affordable for most budget types tempting hundreds of millions to be on the move to explore new places, people and lifestyles.

Some destinations have had a major share in terms of contribution to this desirable development and earned the title of “rising star in tourism” and Turkey is certainly among such spots…

Indeed, the development this country has enjoyed during the last decades is truly remarkable as number of incoming tourists have drastically increased year by year. This has been due to the newly built facilities as well as the warm and hospitable welcome and services enjoyed by foreign tourist visiting Turkey, not to forget the place of attraction and culture offered.

After the turbulence Turkey went through in 2016 when the country faced a serious threat of a failed coup attempt conspired against the government by the Gulen organization with headquarters in the USA, the tourism sector has finally recovered and is now back on its feet. The sector is very much eager to welcome millions of foreign friends again, with state-of-the-art facilities, warm hospitality and certainly most competitive prices as compared to countries such as Spain and Greece.

In fact, it is good to see Turkey is a spot of attraction once more, based on the good level of demand on bookings received. This certainly motivates hoteliers and tour operators in the sector who are very excited “to get the business back” after last year’s decline in tourism.

On the other hand Turkey has also run a very strong campaign against terrorism and is surely one of the most successful countries in this regard. It can easily be observed that casualties in this country have gone down to a minimum for quite a while now as compared to some countries even in the heart of Europe. This again has been due to the very powerful stance of the government against terrorism. To parallel this fact the economy has given signals of improvement as one can see from the performance in the financial market in specific as well as the real estate sector.

As already expressed above, the country definitely deserves the title, “TURKEY IS BACK”.

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