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NEWS Turkey is expanding its net of franchises for own domestic brands globally

30 Aug 2017

The franchising industry has recently been one of the most used entrepreneurship practices in the world as well as in Turkey and this sector is observed to have reached an economic size of 43 billion dollars in Turkey last year. Experts forecast the sector will reach a size of US$ 50 billion until the end of 2017.

Turkey has become an important attraction center for global brands that want to expand their business mainly through franchising in textiles, fast food and coffee shops. With its growing population and strong economic performance, the country has managed to attract over $ 180 billion worth of foreign direct investment (FDI) from growing global franchise brands over the past 15 years. Among these franchise investments fast-food businesses and coffee houses such as McDonalds’s with 200 restaurants and Burger King with 600 stores in Turkey have taken the lead and are still in majority.

It is reported that the number of chain enterprises in Turkey is 2 thousand 500 and these enterprises have a total of 60 thousand branches. It is also important to note Turkish companies are more active on the international arena today and Turkey which has hosted many global chain brands for many years now, has eventually been exporting its brands in food, furniture and textiles through the franchising system. The number of Turkish brands that have started to open branches abroad has already exceeded 150.

It is also reported that the volume of the franchising industry which is a very widely used method of entrepreneurship both in Turkey and around the globe was recorded at $ 43 billion last year and is expected to reach $ 50 billion by the end of this year.

Experts comment that another good point concerning the end-user is that franchised brands are required to meet the national and international quality standards through the franchising system which is what the end-user would expect to have at the end of the day, together with a reasonable price.


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