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NEWS Turkey needs to increase spending per tourist in coming period

9 Feb 2018

Mayor of Bodrum has stated that 2018 will be an improvement year in Bodrum tourism with an estimated increase of 50 percent as compared to 2017 also emphasizing that the sector needs to do much better to be profitable.

In reply to the question “Do you consider spending per tourist satisfactory” the mayor commented as follows: “Our figures are very low when compared to Spain. This is because investors had to make price discounts to survive. Generally speaking, these prices are not what hospitality companies in Turkey or Bodrum deserve.

It is a known fact that in 2017 Europe sort of ignored Turkey. However, tourists who had been oriented to other countries were not able to find same quality standards and again started to use their preferences in favor of Turkey. Bodrum is currently one of Turkey's most attractive tourist centers in the European market and is estimated to enjoy an increase of 50 percent in tourism in 2018 as compared to 2017.

In order to achieve satisfactory results on the way to improving tourism performance Bodrum for instance has taken important steps as part of a major plan in regards. It has been announced by officials that the town participates in about 20 Tourism Shows abroad to include India and China. The administration has already signed important agreements with officials in these regions to contribute to Bodrum tourism.

Another piece of good news to contribute to Bodrum tourism is as follows: Certain prominent brands in the world come to Bodrum for major investments which eventually turn out to be contributions to Turkish tourism. To provide an example Four Seasons is reported to have decided to build its 112th hotel in Bodrum with an investment total of USD 1.2 billion.

The interesting part is while Turkish Tourism Sector is talking about $ 500 spending per tourist, the Four Seasons pronounces overnight room prices at a level of USD 10,000. This certainly proves Bodrum is top of the list for best places to invest in Turkey.


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