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NEWS Turkey open tourism for Brits - June 2020 update

18 Jun 2020

There is no doubt that tourism and aviation have been among the worst affected sectors since the outbreak of Covid-19. This is also one of the issues on the agenda of nearly 2.5 million Brits who are curious to know when they could start their holidays in Turkey, this year.

It is a fact that many tourists are willing to return to this country thanks to the sun, sea and sand, as well as its rich history and top cuisine. Moreover, the country has suffered less at the hands of the coronavirus than the UK.

In fact, while many Britons are still questioning whether pre-purchased airfares will be cancelled, many of them want to know when they can go on holiday to Turkey. The reason is normally this is the time of the year when they start flying over to this country. However the covid-19 outbreak seems to have ruined concerned holiday plans this year and looks as if Turkey holidays might not be possible for some in 2020.

Turkey had closed its borders at the start of the crisis. However, the Turkish government began reopening international land, sea and air borders again last week.

Within this scope, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have now updated their travel advice for Britons. The government has issued a warning, giving travel advice to Britons willing to fly to Turkey to spend their holidays in this country as Turkey opens to tourism again.

The message from the FCO was as follows:

“All passengers of all nationalities who comply with Turkish immigration rules are allowed entry to Turkey from June 12.

Due to restrictions imposed in other countries, in some cases, the resumption of scheduled passenger flights may not be possible until those countries have eased their own restrictions, and given permission for flights to resume to and from Turkey. For the latest information, check directly with airlines”.

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