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NEWS Turkey opens Istanbul New Airport on the day of “Republic Holiday”

29 Oct 2018

Istanbul's third airport is finally ready to go into service. The Istanbul New Airport will serve 90 million passengers annually after the opening of the first phase of the giant project by President Erdogan today. The annual capacity is expected to reach 200 million passengers annually with completion of all phases by 2023. Thus the airport will be among the largest in the world.

Turkish Airlines (THY) will perform domestic return flights to Ankara, Izmir and Antalya as a first step.

The first international flights from the airport will be conducted to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Azerbaijan. In the first stage, there will be 5 take-offs and 5 landings per day.

After the completion of the move from Ataturk Airport, Istanbul New Airport will be available for flights to more than 350 destinations and serve 250 airlines. Istanbul New Airport, which is expected to go into full capacity operation in 2023, will serve with 6 independent tracks, 500 aircraft capacity and 70,000 cars open car park.

The airport's 1.3 million square meter main terminal building will be the world's largest under one roof. The terminal building will include a duty-free area with Bosphorus view of Istanbul.

There will be different transportation alternatives to Istanbul's Third New airport. While it is possible to reach the airport by bus from different points of the city, the airport will also be reached by rail transportation in the coming days.

Baggage transport services to Istanbul New Airport will be provided by OTOBUS AS with 150 buses over 18 lines.

Bus lines, which are expected to carry 75,000 passengers a day, will charge between TL 12 and TL 30. Children up to the age of 6 will not be charged. Also, buses will provide 50 percent discount for the first two months.

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