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NEWS Turkey ranks first in the world in amount of humanitarian aid provided

30 Jun 2018

Turkey is located in a very strategic part of the world with much chaos going on. It has witnessed many conflicts in its region and has always done its part to support millions of people suffering in those situations.

In fact Turkey has hosted approximately four million refugees escaping from civil war in Syria and the terror caused by Islamic State. No doubt this has caused the country tens of billions of US dollars to support and look after those refugees.

Syrian conflict is certainly not the only case where Turkey has given a helping hand to those in need. In fact, the administration of the country has not denied its support to thousands in many different parts of the world.

Within this scope, the establishment named Development Initiatives in UK published a report called “Global Humanitarian Aid” on 19 June 2018, as part of its Global Humanitarian Aid Program.

In said report which contains global data for 2017, Turkey was given the first place with US$ 8.07 billion worth of humanitarian aid followed by the United States with US$ 6.68 billion, Germany with US$ 2.99 billion, the United Kingdom with US$ 2.52 billion and the European Union with US$ 2.24 billion.

The report also included a ranking on the basis of the ratio of GDP of humanitarian aid to national income in which Turkey ranked top of the list again with 0.85 percent and maintained its title as the “most generous” country in the world. It was followed by Norway and Luxembourg with 0.17 percent

Said report has verified once again how powerful the humanitarian diplomacy carried out by Turkey is, on a global scale. Moreover Turkey is determined to stick to this policy as firmly expressed by its leading officials.

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