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NEWS Turkey receives praise from the Kuwaiti ambassador for the measures against Covid-19 in tourism

8 Jul 2020

The pandemic has been a real source of concern and had an impact in Turkey’s tourism industry for quite a while. However it is observed that the administration has done its best to take necessary precautions to handle the issue to give the sector the chance to start breathing again.

This effort has been appreciated by many foreign friends such as Kuwait's Ankara Ambassador Ghassan Yusef El-Zawawi praising the Turkish authorities' measures against the Corona virus in the tourism industry.

After a meeting headed by Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu and Mehmet Nuri Arsoy from Antalya Culture and Tourism department and attended by Turkey’s foreign friends about tourist-oriented measures against covid-19 in Antalya, Kuwait’s ambassador gave a brief statement expressing his confidence in Turkey’s performance against the epidemic.

He said, “We have seen all measures towards tourists, and Turkey is safe in this regard. If you ask me about my confidence in the measures taken by Turkey, I will say that I look forward to bringing my family here for the summer holidays. Concerned measures are taken carefully removing all question marks from our minds. Approximately 60 ambassadors were invited from other countries to a meeting well-studied and measures were explained.”

He also noted that the presentations had related to Turkey's measures during the meeting, noting the importance of abolition of 14 days quarantine applied upon entering the country. The ambassador emphasized that the temperature of those coming to Turkey will be measured and checked for any possible symptoms, adding that the 14-day quarantine would definitely harm tourism in any country. He said tourists coming to Turkey would have to go through a check and would be subjected to free treatment in hospitals in case they were found to be infected.

The ambassador said, “Every detail has been considered and precautions are taken in hospitals, airports and hotels.”


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