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NEWS Turkey’s Antalya becomes the blue flag beach champion of the world

26 Oct 2022

Mustafa Ergiydiren, TÜRÇEV Antalya Coordinator, said, “Antalya continues to be the town with the highest number of blue-flag beaches in the world with its 229 Blue Flag awarded facilities in the region.”

Some tourism professionals and blue flag officials in the sector evaluated the Blue Flag events of 2022 and the activities to be held in 2023. In addition to the Blue Flag activities and environmental events held in 2022 and earlier, the 14th International Olympic Games will be held at Side Star Resort Hotel Manavgat on November 23-25. Consultations were also held regarding the “Blue Flag Local Responsible Persons Seminar”.

Osman Ergin, Kituyad president, said when he had assumed office, KIZILAGAC tourism centre was the only tourism region in Turkey with all facilities possessing blue flag awards. He said, “After the negativities such as the pandemic and the war in Ukraine that had an impact on our tourism faded away, we have started to work hard again to maintain our title in 2023.”

229 Blue Flag awarded beaches

TÜRÇEV Antalya Coordinator Ergiydir said, “Antalya continues to be the destination with the highest number of blue flag beaches worldwide with its 229 Blue Flag award-winning beaches in the region. Manavgat of Antalya, on the other hand, is home to 89 Blue Flag facilities, and our efforts to increase this number continue.

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