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NEWS Turkey’s Antalya enters top 3 in the world in yacht production

11 Jan 2020

Antalya which is the main tourism center of Turkey is also reported to have taken the third place among the top luxury yacht production bases with a revenue of US$ 1 billion 90 million.

It was reported by officials of the free zone in Antalya that the trade volume which was US$ 670 million in 2018 is expected to go up to US$ 750 million in 2019 with an increase of 6 percent.

Officials also noted that 1899 people were employed in the yacht sector in the Free Zone adding over 450 yachts had been produced and delivered to their owners, so far. The sales revenue thus realized was recorded as US$ 1 billion 90 million. The officials also added that there were commercial yachts on the dock waiting to be delivered to Norwegian firms and British and American business people.

Experts point out that Turkey is in the 3rd place in luxury yacht production adding yachts are mostly sold to EU countries. In fact yacht owners would prefer to come to Antalya instead of Italy and France for maintenance and repair of luxury yachts that might need service while sailing in the Mediterranean.

Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey have the first three places in the production of luxury yachts in the world. Yacht production facility has a good logistical position in the Antalya Free Zone and the eventual target is to provide maintenance and repair for yachts in the open area.

Professionals working here say this success was achieved as the whole team in the Antalya Free Zone and when the ship lift investment is realized and enters operation even a better success story will be in question.

When 60-70m yachts arrive at the facilities for maintenance and repair, their crews will come with them. This means yacht owners will create substantial added value when they stay in the tourism regions of Antalya, for 2 months.

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