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NEWS Turkey’s “Health Tourism Sector” is on a rapid rise

11 Nov 2018

Experts and professionals involved in health tourism in Turkey agree the industry has recently proved to become a strategic sector to challenge areas such as defense industry in terms of the added-value they contribute to the economy of the country. In fact, the sector started to rise rapidly after Turkey, in 2002, has introduced some transformation reforms in the industry.

Health tourism is observed to be a rapidly growing sector all over the world. Turkey’s goal is to meet the demands of those patients from all over the world who want to get high quality, fast and efficient health services. Many countries are now aware of this very strategic sector with approximately 30 million people world-wide who are ready to travel for health purposes. It is reported that these people spend an approximate figure of US$ 500 billion which is a good enough reason to motivate countries like Turkey in this regard.

Reports show that Turkey has solid advantages in the competition to attract these large groups of individuals, as it enjoys potential visitors of approximately 1.5 billion people from 60 countries, within a 4-hour flight distance from its borders.

The only requirements to get the highest share possible from this market are to provide quality services with state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices and - to be equally important - to make sure people are informed. That is, a good advertising and promotion campaign needs to be conducted on an international level.

As to which departments Turkey is always ready to provide efficient and quality services in, professionals name branches such as eye diseases, dental treatments, aesthetic procedures, cardiological procedures, heart surgery, orthopedic interventions and oncology. Moreover, hair transplantation and IVF treatments are also among the most frequent applications in the sector.

To recap, Turkey targets to take its place among top countries in the tourism health sector, by 2023.

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