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NEWS Turkey’s hotels to serve as hospitals in the winter

26 May 2018

Some 5 star hotels in Turkey will serve as comfortable hospitals for elderly people and physical therapy and rehabilitation patients in winter, provided they meet required conditions. Patients will be able to benefit from thermal health services, as well.

According to the "Regulation on Boarding Centers for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation" issued by the Ministry of Health, accommodation facilities that establish their physical therapy and rehabilitation centers will be able to offer international health tourism activities provided they obtain International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate.

In this context, health services will be offered in triple complexes where both thermal and geriatric care as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation centers will exist.

In this framework, a structure will be formed which these centers related to elderly care, disability care and health services are integrated to. This way, new facilities will be established subject to the approval of Ministry of Health.

According to the project, in referred 5 star hotels with idle capacity in low season elderly care and and thermal health services will be provided on top of regular guests hosted by the facilities. These hotels will be integrated for health services and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

It will be necessary for these hotels to comply with several criteria to include “suitable design of the rooms, presence of doctors, nurses and a responsible manager”. Such hotels will be required to employ a nurse for 10 patients.

In this context, guests receiving elderly care or thermal health services will also benefit from the catering services and social facilities of said hotels.

On the other hand such hotels will be connected to a public or private hospital to ensure they can receive treatment support from concerned hospitals in case of a health problem that needs advanced care.

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