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NEWS Turkey’s Ministry of Health stepping up measures to fight coronavirus

25 Mar 2020

At a time when the whole world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic Turkey’s administration has been trying to show its top performance taking necessary measures to ensure citizens and those resident in Turkey are safe and secure.

Within this scope the Minister of Health has been receiving much praise for his performance right from the beginning of the incident. He has recently made a statement regarding the issue sharing following information.

“At the moment, we are making efforts to improve the additional payments of medical staff. We have decided to include 32 thousand new staff, which would be an assurance for a more efficient service. I would like to point out that the highest level of attention at the situation of our health care workers is paid by our president. I would like to thank him and the Minister of Finance for their sensitivity. I would also like to point out that the additional payments of our working medical staff will be at a top level of 100 percent for the three-month period.

I would also like to point out the following: some necessary strict sanctions were imposed on some material producers who tend to take advantage of the situation for the sake of their small interests. In this framework, exports have been halted. Masks produced in Turkey will not be sold abroad when Turkey needs them. We know that in the period of this pandemic, some companies that want to exploit the critical situation by making big profits have made extensive connections abroad. In this sense, there were raids on the warehouses of manufacturers and sellers the previous day. It was observed that they had already made bulk stocks.

In the meantime, we have cases recovering. In the coming days, we will also be revealing our cases that are healing day by day. I'd like to point out that we have a lot of patients who are recovering.

On the other hand, we have brought sufficient quantities of a special drug from China today. It is claimed that positive results have been obtained from this drug when used on intensive care patients to reduce the healing time from 11-12 days to 4 days only. I also spoke to the Chinese Embassy today. They will also make an effort to meet this need.”

The Minister has repeatedly reminded the citizens they should pay utmost attention to care about their hygiene by often washing their hands as the main pre-caution and keeping a social distance and that those 65 of age and over should definitely stay at home for the sake of the whole nation.

Citizens hope that the administration will be able to control the epidemic not before late thanks to the efforts of the Ministry and the medical staff and the attention a great majority of citizens pay to instructions by the government.

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