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NEWS Turkey’s Ministry of Internal Affairs issues circular on removal of mask requirement

5 Mar 2022

The circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that the requirement to wear a mask in an open area has been removed. Related statement said, "The mask requirement continues in schools, hospitals and public transportation.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced in same circular the details of where masks should and should not be worn.

After the Scientific Council meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that the mask rule had been removed in the open area and in closed areas where ventilation was good. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has also published a circular on the use of masks.

The circular emphasized that the procedures and principles related to the functioning of public life in the process of the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic were determined in accordance with the general course of the epidemic and the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, and the following statements were included:

“The application of the provisions on the use of masks, HPP code inquiry and the request to submit a negative PCR test result in our relevant Ministry circulars has been terminated as of 03.03.2022.

The circular in regards stated that social distancing could now be applied in open spaces and that there would be no obligation to use masks in closed places with appropriate ventilation conditions.

Until a new decision is taken, at closed places such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, theaters and in public transportation vehicles such as buses, minibuses, shuttles, trains, subways, ferries and planes where necessary social distance cannot be ensured, the requirement to use masks will be continued.”

The circular stated that the application of HES code inquiry for people who would enter certain areas such as shopping malls (shopping malls), theaters, carpet fields or use public transportation vehicles such as buses, trains, airplanes would also be terminated as of March 3.

It was stated that the application for submitting negative PCR test results in cases such as traveling by plane by people who did not complete the vaccination process or who did not have the disease within the last 180 days without a vaccine would be terminated as of March 3, and from now on, people who have no signs of the disease will not be asked for a PCR test in accordance with article (a) of the Ministry of Health.


In accordance with the relevant article of the Ministry of Health, it was stated that the procedures and principles to be applied when entering Turkey through border crossings from March 3, 2022 would also be reorganized, as follows:

“At entry to our country by air, following persons will not be subject to quarantine measures:

-Those who produce document showing they have had at least 2 doses of vaccine (1 dose for Johnson & Johnson) certified by the World Health Organization or Turkey and 14 days have passed after the last dose.

- Those who can produce a document prepared by the official authorities of concerned country, showing they have had the disease in last 6 months starting from the 28th day of first PCR test with positive result.

- Those who can produce a negative PCR result obtained in last 72 hours and those who can produce a negative rapid antigen test taken within the last 48 hours.”

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