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NEWS Turkey’s Tourism Minister: There is no vacancy in Istanbul hotels

21 Sep 2022

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “Istanbul is receiving visitors from all over the world, after a long break. We can say that it has become like the United Nations. There is no room in hotels and there are tourists of all nationalities.”

We are currently engaged in PR activities in 200 countries

Currently, we are engaged in promotional and PR activities, mainly on television and digital media, in 200 countries. We have been the country with most intensive and effective promotion efforts in the world for the last three years. We have also received the positive results of these efforts most sufficiently. Despite the conflict environment in the Black Sea, we revised our target, which was 42 million tourists and 35 billion dollars in revenue at the beginning of the season, upward to 47 million tourists and 37 billion dollars.

The season is going quite well, I hope we will exceed these goals by the end of the year. After a long break, Istanbul has started to be shown again in the first places among the destinations that must be seen by the world's prominent tourism media.

It receives visitors from all over the world. We can say that Istanbul has become like the United Nations. There is no place in hotels, and there are tourists of all nationalities. The fact that we are observing the positive results of the intensive promotional activities carried out by the TGA around the world, motivates us even more.

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