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NEWS Turkey starts increasing tourist arrivals in April again, thanks to measures taken by government

29 May 2021

Tourism is no doubt one of the most vital sectors for Turkey’s economy. The epidemic on the other hand has been a major blow to foreign revenues of this country putting citizens and small businesses in a difficult situation.

Thankfully it was recently reported that Turkey had seen a significant annual improvement in foreign tourist arrivals in April after a dismal period amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to official data released on May 24.

Turkey's culture and Tourism Ministry said the country attracted 790,687 foreign visitors this April, up by 3.162 per cent from the same month last year.

In April 2020, Turkey's tourism activities had almost came to a halt due to the spread of travel restrictions and the closure of airports and national borders. However, this figure had not exceeded the pre-pandemic level of April 2019.

As for the performance of different destinations in this country, Istanbul, Turkey's largest city by population, was the biggest center of attraction for foreign visitors last month, with a 53 percent share and 419,686 foreigners. Antalya which is considered to be the tourism center of the country took the second place.

Based on the official data shared by the Ministry Turkey increased its performance in said period by hosting 3.5 million visitors, to include Turkish citizens settled abroad.

Today, the administration has been trying to increase these figures by implementing the SAFE CERTIFICATE issued by concerned authorities giving visitors the message visitors would be safe at facilities with referred certificate.


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