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NEWS Turkey targets to plant 7 billion saplings by 2023 with 600 million in 2021

20 Jun 2021

The goal of bringing 7 billion saplings to the soil by 2023 is being realized step by step. 5.3 billion seedlings have met the soil so far. This year, the goal is to plant 600 million more saplings.

General Directorate of Forestry Afforestation department said they had already realized 5.3 billion part of their target to plant 7 billion saplings by end of 2023 and they planned to plant 600 million more in 2021 only. The statement thus made also said Turkey ranked fourth on the list for top countries in afforestation in the world thanks to the efforts made.

Turkey accomplished 5.4 million hectares of reforestation, erosion control, forest areas rehabilitation work in about 17 years thanks to the mobilization carried out by 40 thousand employees and rural forest villagers.

29 percent of the land area in Turkey consists of forests and the target is to increase this figure to 30 percent by the end of 2023 which is an ideal figure for the world average.

The officials said “Of course, we would like to reforest larger areas, but this country also needs agricultural areas, pastures."

On the other hand, Turkey is also doing serious work and looking for solutions to take concrete measures against frequent forest fires. At this point, unfortunately, the negligence and carelessness of citizens are seen to be the main cause for forest fires. There is no doubt Turkey has suffered several major forest fires not long ago.

The ultimate remedy seems to be educating citizens in this regard to raise awareness which the administration is supposedly doing at the moment.

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