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NEWS Turkey targets to receive many more British tourists for the coming season

5 Mar 2021

As tourism season approaches Turkey has been making plans on how to attract more tourists to make up for lost holiday season last year. The country is working on a rapid reopening of the sector and is particularly focused on the British tourist market.

After a year since the very start of the global epidemic, travelers in many countries are now longing to start visiting foreign countries and spend time to enjoy themselves. British tourist in particular have  always had a great potential for hosting countries such as Spain, Greece and Turkey mainly in terms of achieving favorable results as far as the sector is concerned.

Turkey being aware of this fact seems to have joined the race to open up to foreign tourists, particularly the British, ahead of other destinations in the Mediterranean.

Turkey’s administration is determined to host many British tourists starting June and has thus taken important steps to cope with the prevailing epidemic to include an effective vaccination program in the first place. For instance Turkey has also been holding talks with UK ministers regarding concerned issue.

Within above mentioned frame work Turkey’s administration has introduced the safe Tourism certification program, a set of safety and hygiene measures last year to be practiced by the country’s tourism sector.

On the other hand it is a fact there were some hesitation among Britons after last summer's incident in which Turkey was accused of under-reporting covid19 cases. Some issues to harm reliability in concerned casualty reports was made public upon which UK lifted the travel corridor with the country that made it possible for traveling people to bypass the quarantine. However, Turkey is surely pleased to know most of the holidaymakers are not focused on above and some of the biggest travel companies have seen a surge in bookings to Turkish resorts that are hugely popular with Britons, in particular.


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