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NEWS Turkey to carry out extensive publicity activities in China in 2018

11 Mar 2018

Turkey’s Tourism Minister has announced that they will carry out extensive publicity activities in China and added "There is a population of 1.7 billion in this country. Hopefully, in a few years millions of Chinese tourists will come to Turkey”.

Turkey which has identified Far Eastern countries and China in particular, as the target market in tourism has decided to focus on the region with a comprehensive promotion package.

Within this scope, The Minister of Tourism also commented that they had created a strong perception of Turkey in China” and added “Our activities in China are continuing. Hopefully in a few years, millions of Chinese tourists will come to Turkey”

The minister also stated that they had particularly focused on 6 countries in the region, from which they would like to attract tourists and those countries were China, India, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Minister pointed out that 2018 had been announced as “The Year of Turkey” in China and said “I will be there as well in April. On March 19, there will be big events in both Beijing and Shanghai. Our Ministry will present shows with a crowded staff. This is an extremely important process for Turkey's tourism market”.

The Minister went on to say, “A strong interest for Turkey has started growing in China. We are working to strengthen the perception towards Turkey via social media and television. This is not something that will happen in a day, but it has started very successfully”.

The Minister also mentioned that dozens of activities would be carried out in China until year end adding said actions, events would result in a better and closer perception of Turkey. He went on to say “China has a population of 1.7 million. We hope to exceed the target of 1 million Chinese tourists in a few years”. The Minister stated that promotion films would also be made at places such as Topkapı Palace and added these would be shown in China, in a few months.  He also stated that the Ministry would continue these activities and Turkey would have its “tourism year” in Japan, in 2019.

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