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NEWS Turkey to choose technology in nationwide public transport services via e-ticket system

7 Dec 2017

According to a report from a reliable official body, local Turks will soon be able to use public transport by means of a universal electronic ticket system.

The report also says, this innovation is part of a project called the “National Smart Transportation System” carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication.

Turkish authorities to include metropolitan municipalities in the first place which have taken some giant steps in public transportation lately are determined to improve the travelling facilities of citizens to the level of European standards.

Within this framework, Turkey's overall public transport payment system is expected to be centralized to allow people to use their name-specific private smart cards for transit payment in all cities across the country. These cards will be available on all modes of transportation including buses, subway, trams, ferries and alike.

The report also says to make this happen a locally software developed will be used for the new system. In the majority of Turkish cities, local integrated electronic ticketing systems are already being used.

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