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NEWS Turkey to make US$ 60 million strategic investment for chip production in joint venture with Qatar

19 Jul 2023

Turkey has pressed the button for a $ 60 million joint investment with Qatar to have a say in chip technology. Qatar will play an active role in the supply of machinery, while Turkey will play an active role in the accumulation of knowledge and human resources

Turkey has pressed the button to reach the top league in "chip" technology, affecting technological production worldwide, especially automotive. Industry and Technology Minister announced that an investment of about $ 60 million would be made in chip technology together with Qatar. The Minister noted that the Qatari side would largely be on the machine supply side, while Turkey would be mainly on the knowledge accumulation and human resources side, adding this would be a first step.


Industry and Technology Minister, who made statements to Turkish media, mentioned that the chip issue was a matter of "production" and "design" and said there were concrete production preparations. The Minister said, "We produce 250-nanometer chips in the defence industry in production; Turkey produces photo-detector chips for smart munitions. But now we will try to reduce it to 65 nanometers.”


Announcing that a partnership would be established with Qatar on chip production, the Minister said, "We will invest close to $ 60 million. They are largely doing the machine supply of the work. It will be our knowledge and human resources, from our part.” Stating that there would be a will to invest in Turkey, he said, "It will be a first step, but we are also preparing for a bigger project. In this regard, another foreign investment may also come to Turkey.”


Underlining that design was at least as important as production regarding added value regarding chips, he said, "We have made two new calls. Our General Directorate of National Technology has launched a pre-competition cooperation call. We bring together and encourage big brands such as Arcelik, Vestel with those who design chips. Istanbul Development Agency is also launching a call for small design teams; we will announce it soon. We will also activate the design ecosystem here."

The competitive race in the chip sector is accelerating

Countries that do not want to miss opportunities in semiconductors that power modern technologies are trying to get ahead of the global competition with their geostrategic initiatives. While the global semiconductor market is projected to reach $ 1 trillion by 2030, countries that want to be independent in this field are preparing strategies for chip technology. While the USA, China, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the UK are creating strategies in this field, they are leading billion-dollar investments by restructuring incentive systems.

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