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NEWS Turkey upgrades its targets in tourism to double-digit growth in 2019

20 Jun 2019

Reports show that Turkey has been doing real well in tourism recently. In fact it has been declared by experts in the sector that a double-digit growth in tourism is expected this year with a target of 50 million.

Turkey completed a highly successful tourism season in 2018 with a major growth in revenues. The growth was recorded at 20 percent for the whole country and 30 percent for Antalya region.

Based on said figures and reservations received a similar trend was expected for 2019. In fact, performance figures of the sector so far recorded seem to be confirming this forecast.

In particular, booking figures between June and September of 2019 show the sector will experience a very busy period with more than one hundred percent of occupancy.

Experts in the industry note that early booking plays a vital part in the performance of the sector. This is known to apply to both domestic and foreign markets. They also comment that it is always an advantage for the companies in the sector to act early during the process as it provides good buying opportunities for them.

The Turkish Tourism Sector has proved to be robust in the recent crisis after the problems Turkey had with Russia mainly. Today, the industry seems to be much stronger and profitable as compared to the time before the crisis.

In fact, the sector expects to break new records in 2019 and forecasts a growth of double-digit will be achieved in said year. Accordingly, Turkey has set a target of 50 million visitors for 2019 and the target for 2023 has also been revised and increased to 70 million.

Based on reports it is forecasted that Antalya and Istanbul will receive 15 million tourists both in 2019. Together with other arrival destinations in the country the total figure will not be less than 50 million visitors.

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