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NEWS Turkey will turn 250 year old artillery barracks into the biggest library in the country

15 Jun 2018

Turkey’s administration has decided to turn the 250 year old Rami barracks in Istanbul into a huge library. The barracks first built in the 1770s in Eyüp on the European side of Istanbul have a history of 250 years. The complex which was originally named “Rami Farm Barracks” was used until 1960s when it was left by the army and transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality.

Restoration work within the scope of the project worth US$ 43.3 million includes museums, libraries, restaurants, shopping areas and a landscape arrangement of 200 acres. The library to be built after the completion of restoration work of barracks will be the largest library in the country with a capacity of 7 million books.

The library is planned to host a section for children and collectors, and have books on art and the city. There will be a museum about history of books and parking area for over 1000 vehicles.

The project is scheduled to be put into service within two and a half years, longest.

Among many investments the administration realizes in the country, those related to culture and tourism are of significant importance as well as Turkey has an unparalleled history and unique traditions that need to be kept alive. Therefore, projects of this kind are expected to contribute to this goal, by encouraging citizens and younger generations in specific to read.

Consequently, projects of this sort are also expected to upgrade the reading habits of citizens, considered to be a requirement for an intellectually developed nation.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Coşkun Yılmaz, provincial director of culture and tourism, said: "The plan is to construct Turkey's biggest library and book valley. Once [the project is] completed it will also be a candidate for the biggest library in the world."

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