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NEWS Turkish Airlines begins operating Boeing 787-9 aircraft on its route between Heathrow and Istanbul.

7 Sep 2019

Turkish Airlines has begun operating one of its first Boeing 787-9 aircraft on its route between London Heathrow and Istanbul.

London and New York are the leading destinations where Turkish Airlines, the largest airline network in the world, runs the busiest flights and sells the most efficient tickets in all classes. London has a different position in the new world order, due to its importance for business, art and society.

In fact, “London to Istanbul route is amongst the busiest in the network of the company and a route they have been operating for almost 50 years, welcoming hundreds of thousands of holiday makers and business travelers during that time.”

On the other hand, it is known to those flying THY between Turkey and London finding empty seats may be a frequent problem. Turkish Airlines which is always on the move for innovations and improvement in service has decided to buy Boeing 787-9 aircraft also known as the Dreamliner. The company is set to receive “30 Dreamliners” over the next four years.

Boeing 787-9 aircraft is a long-range, twin-engine and large-body plane with high composite content which enables high humidity in the cabin and certainly a more comfortable flight.

The aircraft features a new business class product with a 1-2-1 configuration, 44 inches of legroom, a 76-inch fully-flat bed and an 18-inch HD screen. The seat is the Aurora by Stelia Aerospace. The company will normally offer 30 seats in business and 270 in economy.

The Dreamliners also feature a new economy seat with 12- and 13-inch screens, six inches of recline and 31 inches of legroom.

The company says the Dreamliner will be their new flagship aircraft and destinations for the aircraft will also include New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dubai, Amsterdam and Bali.


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