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NEWS Turkish Airlines to offer 40 per cent discount to British health workers on THY flights

11 Jun 2020

Turkish Airlines (THY) has included Britain in its gesture to fly health workers fighting the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak at a 40 per cent discount. The news, which was published by the British media under the headline “Discount ticket from Turkish Airlines to health workers in the UK”, attracted great attention.

The incredible offer of 40 per cent off holiday flight tickets for UK NHS staff (as well) is to reward all healthcare workers who are "working selflessly to combat the Covid-19 pandemic" and will mean millions of Brit families will benefit.

It was announced that National Health Service (NHS) employees fighting coronavirus (Covid-19) on the front line in the UK would be given a 40 per cent discount by Turkish Airlines (THY).

British media reported that Turkish Airlines had announced it would cut 40 per cent on tickets for NHS workers in the UK, one of the countries most affected by coronavirus, which had affected the whole world. The news, which was published under the headline” Turkish Airlines 'discount ticket to health workers in the UK", attracted great attention by health workers in the country. The discount will apply to tickets to be received until July 18 and tickets will be valid until May 2021.

The British media commented as follows:  "The incredibly generous offer is good news for millions of Britons who have NHS workers in their families and are hoping to go to Turkey this summer.

Earlier Turkish Airlines press Consultancy had made an announcement saying a special campaign had been launched for health workers. The announcement had further said Airlines (THY) would fly all health workers from all over the world fighting the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-10) outbreak with great dedication at a discount of 40 per cent. Thus health workers will be able to travel at a discount of 40 percent with tickets issued from THY website and mobile app.

According to the FT there is a chance that Brits could visit by the middle of July. It's understood that government officials in popular Brit holiday destinations hope for "air bridge" deals ahead of the summer holiday season.

This way an air bridge is an agreement between the UK and one other country, which will let people travel freely between the two nations without going into quarantine when they arrive. It would spare tourists and returning Brits from having to isolate for 14 days when they enter the UK - a policy that came into force today.

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