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NEWS Turkish-made Royal Match surpasses Candy Crush to claim the top spot

3 Jan 2024

Developed by Istanbul-based Dream Games, the mobile game Royal Match has become the highest-grossing game, dethroning the famous Candy Crush. As Turkey solidifies its position as a leading country in the gaming industry, the success of Turkish companies continues to be a topic of discussion. Royal Match, a mobile game developed by Dream Games, has successfully surpassed Microsoft's legendary game Candy Crush. Royal Match has become the highest-grossing mobile game, leading to a significant increase in the valuation of its developer, Dream Games, to $2.75 billion. The rise of Royal Match has also been featured in the English media outlet Financial Times.

Annual revenue surpassed $2 Billion, a research company reporting spending on online application stores by Apple and Google, revealed that the Turkish technology venture Dream Games, with its game "Royal Match," had generated the highest revenue. Candy Crush, which Royal Match dethroned, had held the title of the highest-grossing mobile game for nearly a decade and is under the umbrella of the US technology giant Microsoft.

Royal Match is a free-to-play puzzle-solving game where players aim to restore the former glory of King Robert's palace.

Soner Aydemir, the co-founder and CEO of Dream Games, announced that consumer spending on Royal Match had more than doubled until October, bringing the game's annual gross revenue to $2 billion. Aydemir stated, "We believe that quality is the best business plan."

''We have loyal players''

Regarding Royal Match, which boasts 55 million monthly users, Aydemir said, "We can attribute the success of the game to having a loyal player base. 90% of players who played the game for one year continued to play in the second year." Industry experts note that Royal Match is more preferred than other games due to its easily solvable puzzles and engaging storyline.

Financial Times headlined it! Minister Kacir congratulated...

International media highlighted the success of the Turkish company in their articles. Sharing the article published by Financial Times on his social media account, Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır stated, "Did you know that Dream Games, a Turkish technology venture, achieved the title of the highest-grossing mobile game worldwide with its Royal Match game in recent months? Our first unicorn, or 'Turcorn' Dream Games, with its team of 200, increased its annual revenue to $2 billion this year, doubling it, and managed to surpass competitors like Candy Crush, valued at 75 billion dollars."

Financial Times said, "The game company founded by a small team in Istanbul has overshadowed many games owned by Microsoft, such as Candy Crush." The British media outlet also commented that the Turkish company is not like other companies focused on short-term financial gains and that its small team constantly strives to improve the mobile game.

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