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NEWS Turkish Robin Hood appears in Istanbul and gives out money to people in need

21 Dec 2019

A philanthropic businessman who distributed envelopes containing thousands of TL in slums in several districts of Istanbul and called himself 'Robin Hood' a while ago has recently appeared in Ataşehir district of the city again. Some citizens who entered a slum round Ataşehir, a district with luxury residences handed out envelopes containing thousands of TL to low-income citizens.

One resident said in the neighborhood said “They came in vehicles. There were 10 of them. They split to streets and handed out money to children and citizens in houses.

The businessman who gave out money in envelopes to small income families at various neighborhoods such as Hasköy, Başakşehir Şahintepesi, Tuzla Mimar Sinan appeared at Yenisahra, Ataşehir at the weekend this time.

The businessman and about 10 people who were with him went to the slum neighborhood just behind the luxury residences, handed out envelopes with at least TL 1,000 to those living in the area. Also, the group gave out some money to children. Moreover said businessman went to some grocery stores and paid off all debts of low-income customers.

A citizen who lives in the neighborhood, said: "I was in my shop. I found out about it when I got here. The children were gathered. Each one had money. He paid between TL 100 and TL 300. He paid for the scholarships for the kids at school. He put TL 1,000 to 1,500 in envelopes. Children say there were bags of money in the back of his car. He opened the bags and handed out the money. He gave it to tenants and people with debts to the grocery store. There are still people like that in this era. Quite a mysterious person. It's a good thing there are people like that. As long as there are people like this nothing will happen to our country. Those who have money and hide it, I think they should learn from this man. They should take him for an example”.


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