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NEWS Turkish Tourism Company Anex buys German branch of Thomas Cook

24 Nov 2019

Turkish tourism company Anex Tour has purchased the German leg of bankrupt Thomas Cook Oger Tours and Bucher Reisen.

Based on the announcement made by the trustee governing the bankruptcy process of Thomas Cook, information regarding financial details of the purchase was not provided.

At the end of the acquisition, 84 employees of Öger Tours and Bucher Reisen are expected to be employed under Anex Tour. The statement also emphasized that the purchase depended on regulatory approval.

Anex Tour had previously acquired Intourist which is the Russian leg of Thomas Cook. According to the statement Anex Tour, established in 1996 and represented in 48 countries has its own offices in 18 countries and employs approximately 6,500 people.

Anex Tour is known to have been contributing to Turkey’s foreign revenues by bringing into the country an abundant number of tourist groups. On the other hand experts note that following recent purchases made by the group Anex is now among the largest companies in the sector, globally.

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