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NEWS Two new subway lines to be added to Istanbul’s network system

4 Mar 2019

It is reported that Istanbul, one of the largest cities in the world, will be benefiting from the services of two additional subway lines to be built in the near future. Plans for the new subway lines between newly built Istanbul Airport and Halkalı and Istanbul Airport and Gayrettepe were unanimously approved in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council.

The plans of two metro lines that will travel to the new airport were discussed at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's February meeting.

At the municipality’s meeting the plans, which incurred some revisions after long discussions, were sent to the parliament for approval. It was mentioned that those new metro lines would contribute to the solution of immense traffic problem in the metropolis.

It is also reported that the new investments are meant to provide much more comfortable transportation for millions of citizens each and every day. The revisions made on the other hand, targeted to ensure proper integration and easy connections among existing lines and new ones to be built.

The report also said, “"When these projects are completed, it will be possible to connect to integrate all lines on the European side to Gebze-Halkalı-Marmaray route on the Asian side and thus provide an alternative, fast and comfortable public transportation in the direction of the new Istanbul Airport for citizens living in all districts of the city. These projects are highly to the benefit of public as they will substantially contribute to the solution of future problems, as well.”

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