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NEWS Uber to continue its operation throughout Turkey with its taxi services

24 Dec 2020

Uber, which was denied access to both its website and app in Turkey in the past year, has received heralded news from the court of Appeal. The court of Appeal has found the decision of another court inaccurate and lifted the barrier to access Uber web portal and app.

With the removal of the access barrier, Uber will be able to continue to operate throughout Turkey offering its “taxi services.

A spokesman for Uber Global said: "We believe in and are committed to Turkey. We are pleased that the court of appeal has confirmed that we can continue to operate in this country as Uber taxi. We will continue to present our application to all passengers and yellow taxi drivers in Istanbul.”

It is reported that Uber started providing services in Istanbul in 2014. So far, more than 4.5 million people have downloaded and used it. When the access barrier is removed, Uber will be able to offer its services again thanks to its online app. There were 14,500 taxi drivers in Istanbul before the authority stopped access to the app.

As will be recalled, taxi associations had sued the company regarding its activities in Turkey and as a result all Uber's activities in Turkey were terminated, and access to its website and applications was blocked.

Generally speaking and based on feedback provided by end-users in the market, services provided by the company was very much liked, favored and used extensively. Local taxi drivers (and owners behind the curtain) were very much disturbed by the quality services introduced by the company and caused big trouble for taxis working for Uber.

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