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NEWS UK-based Customer Management Center (CMC) Company sets up call center in Van

29 Dec 2017

A British company called CMC has set up a call center in Van, to employ 500 people. The company which chose Van among many other alternatives to be considered, it aims to increase its number of staff to 2 thousand in the coming period.

The official of the company said; "We evaluated several provinces in Turkey and preferred Van eventually as it has suitable conditions for our call center.

We considered many criteria when evaluating the town. All of those criteria showed us it would be rewarding to do business here.

We created an employment opportunity for 500 people in the first phase and 350 people are already employed.

We have two more projects in our mind; A very large telephone operator and an internet company. We strongly believe in this project. We are very interested in managing the processes of technological companies.

We will bring our two new customers here in the next month. We will have employed 500 people in Van next month. Our goal is to reach a capacity of thousand people at the end of 2018 and then increase it to 2 thousand.

On the other hand, we are not only a call center company but also involved in outsourcing process of businesses. We also do “social media management, software development, document processing, operational processes” for our customers. Therefore we are not only focused on call center business but we manage many other processes for our customers, as well”.

Short info about Van (Turkey): The city is located next to a huge lake (Van) on a piece of fertile land with plenty of rivers and suitable climate for farming. The population of the city was recorded as 381,163 in 2010. Industry is not very developed in the region and trading and farming are two main types of business activities. The city has a crowded population of Kurdish origin as well.




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