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NEWS UK determined to start a more comprehensive FTA with Turkey, in 2022

28 Aug 2021

UK Export Minister Stuart has said: "We will begin negotiations with Turkey for a more comprehensive FTA in 2022. Turkey is a very attractive market. That's why we see a lot of great British players investing in Turkey. I will encourage them to do more in the future.”

The minister of UK exports, Graham Stuart also said the free trade agreement (FTA) was important in securing the ongoing bilateral trade name and added following: "Both the Turkish government and we believe there is huge potential to develop new fields in order to strengthen commercial cooperation. Because we believe that the United Kingdom and Turkey can do more in partnership. That is why we'll be negotiating a more comprehensive FTA next year.”

Stuart noted that they were very happy to make an agreement with Turkey after the agreement with the EU, saying that in the last 10 years until 2019, the volume of trade between the two countries had grown by 70 percent, and the volume of trade between the two countries had reached £ 20 billion.

Emphasizing that it would be difficult to predict where the volume of bilateral trade would reach in the coming years, Stuart said: "I see that very good work has been done in the field of Advanced Engineering in Turkey. I visited TOGG, met the team there. I met the head of Delta V, a rocket company and space agency that uses hybrid technology in a way that could be a world leader. There are so many areas of current production and technology of the future that I think the combination of the UK's high-tech capacity and Turkish entrepreneurship and skill in these areas means we can do much more. I am confident that the volume of bilateral trade will grow in the coming years."


Graham Stuart said that climate change and global warming were one of the biggest challenges facing humanity, and that the UK Government would host the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) this year.

"Our experience in building an electric vehicle charging station will be crucial to achieving the goals of combating climate change in Istanbul and beyond. This is also important in terms of creating a market for companies such as TOGG, which produces electric vehicles in Turkey. There are so many things we can do together on issues related to climate change. There are many areas in which we have a common denominator, a close security and defense partnership, as well as a NATO alliance.”

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