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NEWS UK will finance the longest high-speed train project, in Turkey

2 Apr 2022

Noting that participation in the 500-kilometer-long Ankara-Izmir High-Speed Rail Project is the largest non-defense agreement in the history of the UK Official Export Credit Facility (UKEF), an official from UK said, “The EximBank of the United Kingdom will finance the construction of this longest high-speed train project in Turkey. I hope that we can provide an efficient platform to contribute more to the cooperation. I believe that there is a lot we can learn from each other and I hope that the momentum will continue to grow after today's event towards future replays of this meeting."

Clean transport agreement worth euro 2.1 billion

It was reported that a clean transport agreement worth 2.1 billion euro had been agreed between the United Kingdom and Turkey last week. Regarding the issue following was also shared: “The UK Government is giving financial support to Turkey for funding of high speed rail project via The UK's official export credit Agency (UKEF).”

This is the first UK-supported railway transaction in Turkey for more than 160 years and is part of Turkey's high-speed train conversion plan in the country." It is reported that the UK is ready to support Turkey with the investment, services and advanced manufacturing that it is capable of providing. In this regard, it was announced a short while ago only that a loan of 2.1 billion euro to finance the construction of said high-speed electric railway line between Izmir and Ankara had been made available.

On the other hand, Turkey is also willing to invest in the construction of high-speed train lines running on electricity between Mersin-Gaziantep, Karaman-Mersin and Kayseri-Ankara and both countries have expressed willingness to co-operate in said projects as well.

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