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NEWS World Press shows great interest in news Turkey has found finds natural gas reserves in Black Sea

27 Aug 2020

Turkey has officially announced the availability of natural gas in the region called Tuna1 in the Black Sea. President Erdogan announced that 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas had been found at the location named Sakarya basin. Following the announcement, the World Press showed intense interest in Turkey's discovery.

Turkey has said it has discovered a 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserve in the Black Sea. The announcement made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who had given signals about “concerned” good news a couple of days ago echoed the world agenda. The research vessel named FATIH 1, which discovered said natural gas, had sailed through the Bosporus and into the Black Sea, a short while ago.

The report shared by Euronews said “President Erdogan announced that Turkey had found large quantities of natural gas in the Black Sea.” The report highlighted the phrase “a new era for Turkey” used by Erdogan and ministers. It was emphasized in the news that natural gas would be extracted by 2023.

President Erdogan said, "Turkey has made the largest natural gas discovery in its history in the Black Sea. There are 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves and our goal is to make Black Sea gas available to our nation in 2023.” Ministers on the other hand said that a new era had begun in which they would talk about foreign exchange surplus and this would help reduce imports.

Turkey has also been exploring for natural gas and oil off the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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