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NEWS WTTC President Julia Simpson: Turkey's tourism report card is very bright

17 Dec 2022

World Tourism Council (WTTC) President Julia Simpson said that Turkey's tourism report card was very bright and among the strongest growing countries and the most popular destinations of the market.

The 22nd global summit of WTTC was held in Riyadh last week, bringing together important names from all fields, from politics to economics, art and fashion. Julia Simpson, President of WTTC, talked to the press during the WTTC Global Summit, evaluating the global situation in the sector and regarding Turkey as well as expectations for the next period.

Noting that Turkey was one of the growing regions in Europe, Julia Simpson said that Turkey was on its way to being among the 5 most popular destinations this year.

The President of the World Tourism Council (WTTC) said that Turkey's tourism report card was very bright, and it was one of the strongest growing countries in travel and tourism in the world and among the most visited destinations. Speaking to the media, Simpson said that besides the natural beauties, historical and archaeological sites, hospitality and competitive prices in Turkey, the new Istanbul Airport and THY had also significantly contributed to strengthening Turkey's connection with different destinations.

Simpson also stated that despite the recession expectations at the global level, the bookings coming to its members all over the world, both on a flight and hotel basis, were very strong in tourism.

In parallel, Julia Simpson’s observations and evaluation reports issued by authorities in Turkey also say that the country is destined to break new records regarding incoming tourists and revenues this year. It goes without saying the improvement Turkey has accomplished in terms of modern and comfortable facilities has also played a significant role in this success.

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