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BLOG 10 of the Best Holiday Souvenirs to Buy in Antalya

3 November 2021 / Culture

One of the joys of any holiday is buying souvenirs to remind you of your wonderful time away. Those items that, every time you look at them, immediately bring to mind lazy days in the sunshine, sightseeing, good food, and all the things that contributed to a memorable break.

Wherever you go in the world, you’ll find standard items such as t-shirts, fridge magnets and postcards. But most of us want something a little different – something that is a true memento of a fantastic time. So which are the best holiday souvenirs to buy in Antalya? Here are our top ten suggestions.

Nazar boncuk

Instantly recognisable, the nazar boncuk (naz-ar bon-juck) is considered powerful protection against bad luck and evil forces. Traditionally, every home should have at least one of these amulets, so if you’ve bought your dream holiday villa in Antalya or know somebody who is moving house, it’s a great purchase. You’ll find it everywhere – as hanging decorations, keychains, jewellery, on plates and incorporated into all kinds of everyday objects.

Pistachio nuts

Some people claim the very best pistachio nuts come from the large farms near Antalya. In days gone by they were used to treat ailments such as cirrhosis and toothache; now, they’re known to be high in antioxidants and are believed to help reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. They’re certainly a tasty treat – buy salted pistachios by the kilo, either loose or vacuum packed.

Turkish coffee cups

There’s a skill to brewing proper Turkish coffee. You might have watched as the grounds are mixed with water in a cezve (jez-veh) – a long-handled pot made of copper or brass – and boiled over a low flame. The finished drink is served in small cups, similar to those used for espresso. A set of Turkish coffee cups is a lovely souvenir of your holiday in Antalya, and you’ll find them in a wide choice of styles, from intricate painted patterns to ornate bronze.


You can’t have failed to notice the riot of colour and patterns that makes up a ceramics display in Antalya. Plates, bowls, pan stands, and all kinds of items are on show in markets and shops, all hand-painted with bright, eye-catching motifs. Quality will vary; as a general rule of thumb, the heavier a piece, the better it is. All are beautiful and you’ll be spoiled for choice, but one word of warning – after using, make sure to hand-wash as they are not suitable to put in a dishwasher.

Turkish carpets

Weaving has been a traditional Turkish craft for centuries. The country is famed for its carpets and rugs, in particular the kilim (kill-im), which is flat and tapestry-woven. Some feature bright colours while others are muted; some are silk, and some are wool. Whichever you prefer, you’re sure to find something to suit your décor – whether it’s for your sea view villa in Kalkan or a semi-detached house in Birmingham! 

Remember it’s traditional to haggle over expensive items, so don’t expect the buying process to be a rapid one. Be prepared to sit down and enjoy some good-natured banter over a glass of çay (chai) while you agree a price that’s acceptable to both you and the seller.

Lemon cologne

It’s a staple of everyday life – lemon cologne is used to cleanse the skin, to repel mosquitos and soothe itchy bites, and to refresh you in the heat. It’s sold everywhere and one whiff of its sharp tangy scent will transport you straight back to your holiday in Antalya. A must-buy.


For an attractive and practical memento, buy a peştemal (pesh-tem-al) or two. These traditional hamam towels are made of pure cotton and are light, thin and super-absorbent. They also dry much more quickly than traditional towels. They come in all kinds of colours and patterns and are a great substitute for heavier bath towels.

Rose-based products

Some 100km north of Antalya, high in the Taurus Mountains, the famous Damask roses are grown. The rose oil is extracted and used in various high-end perfumes, while the rose water features in all kinds of products, including soap, creams, jam and lokum (lock-um), or Turkish delight.


Copper tableware was used extensively in the days of the Ottoman Empire. Today, in Antalya, you’ll still find coppersmiths tucked away in one of the city’s side streets, making items using traditional methods. Many are small enough to tuck away in a suitcase or, if you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in Turkish property, you might like to choose larger items to decorate your new home.

Turkish delight

You can’t holiday in Antalya and not buy some Turkish delight, or lokum! There are so many different textures and flavours – rose, lemon, orange and mint, to name just a few. Some include chopped nuts or are coated in desiccated coconut. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can try before you buy – most sellers are happy to oblige so you can find your favourites.

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