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BLOG 5 Reasons to Buy Property in Side

27 October 2020 / Properties

There are so many wonderful places along the Turkish Riviera waiting to steal your heart, you might wonder how you could ever pick a favourite. For many, though, the town of Side is their number one choice.

Why do people love Side so much? Holidaymakers return year after year, drawn to an atmosphere that manages to remain vibrant while still being more laidback than many other resorts in Antalya province. It has something for everyone, from great food to chilled-out beaches, and its unique vibe is why many choose to buy property in Side, either as a holiday home or for a permanent move to Turkey.

A wise investment

Side is attracting an increasing number of tourists, cementing its growing reputation as a family-friendly holiday destination. If you’re a regular visitor, you might consider buying a private holiday home in Side. However, it’s also a prime area for those looking to invest in holiday rental properties in Turkey.

Real estate in Side is surprisingly affordable, even for a sea-view penthouse apartment or secluded traditional-style villa. Your money will go further here than in other areas of Antalya, while still including your must-have features. Apartment complexes are more popular than private villas in Side; they’re not impossible to find, however, especially if you’re prepared to look a little further afield from the town centre.

A great location

Drive west from Side and, within an hour, you will reach Antalya city, with its modern shopping malls and bustling centre. Antalya Airport connects you to a wide range of international and domestic destinations, while the main otogar (bus station) is part of Turkey’s inter-province bus network.

Alternatively, go east from Side and you’ll discover Alanya. The resort has its own unique attractions and stunning beaches, including the world-famous Kleopatra Beach – rumour has it that the Egyptian queen herself used to bathe there.

Outstanding beaches

One of the key attractions of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is the number of outstanding beaches, and Side has its fair share. The golden sands spread out on either side of the town almost like wings, and there’s plenty of space to find your perfect spot, even in high summer.

The west beach is the place to go if you enjoy water sports, with parasailing and windsurfing among the activities on offer. The east beach is a little rockier but also generally quieter, and it’s the beach of choice for the local Turks when they get some downtime.

Rich in history

Side’s old town lies on a peninsula, protected by ancient walls. There’s a 15,000-seat Roman theatre and forum, while the original bath house has been converted into a fascinating museum. The temples of the sun god Apollo, and Athena, goddess of wisdom, date back to the second century and make the perfect frame for stunning sunsets over the sea. Exploring the Byzantine ruins and old Ottoman houses is a fascinating way to while away some time, and it seems there’s always something new to learn or discover.

Travel out of town to uncover other ancient wonders such as the Greco-Roman city of Perge and Aspendos, home to a 20,000-seat classical theatre which is still used for performances today.

The beauty of nature

Head away from the beach resorts and you’ll find breath-taking scenery and natural features. The Manavgat Falls are stunning, and accessible either by boat trip or a series of walkways that take you close to the thundering water.

Around 18km from Side are the Düdencik Caves which, going down to around 330m, form one of Turkey’s deepest cave networks. Travel further – around 70km – and you’ll find the Köprülü Canyon National Park. Its dramatic setting – the gorge itself is some 400m deep – offers a wealth of opportunities for hiking and exploring, while white-water rafting is also available for those in search of excitement.

Thinking of buying?

If you’re considering buying property in Side, or making a permanent move to the area, view our full portfolio of current properties here. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, and we’d love to help you find your ideal home in Turkey.

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